Ashraya Seva Trust

    Tax Status: 12A,  80G,  FCRA

Ashraya Seva Trust

#135,1st K Block, 
Dr. Rajkumar road, Rajajinagar 2nd stage, 
Bangalore, Karnataka, 
India -560010

Our Mission

Provide shelter & other basic amenities to the elderly, especially aged women who are neglected by their kith & kin.

Work and Achievements

Over 1000 women have been helped with 13 years of care and support ...

‘Aashraya Seva Trust’ was established in the year 2005 by Mrs. Rani K T.  with the intention to provide for the destitute elderly, and started with a rented shelter for three women. 

At this moment we are able to provide rehabilitation to over  80+ destitute elders.

The main objective is to provide care to elderly with all amenities such as Food, Shelter, Clothing, Medication and Hospitalization.

Various programs such as Yoga, Meditation sessions, Bhajans and Counseling by professionsals are conducted to uplift the spirit of elderly women despite their challenges and sufferings due to ageing. Medical facilities are supported by M.S Ramaiah community health center. Spiritual trips are organized once every two months to fulfill their wishes and also as a refreshing experience from their daily routine.

Other programs:

Since 2012, Ashraya has initiated and carried out medical camps in remote areas of Kodagu district every month reaching around 13,000 individuals collectively. 

Ashraya also envisions a program to train young women from a destitute background to specialise in providing care for the elderly. Thus providing both employment to women and addressing the current gap in elderly care providers..

Fund Utilisation Statement

The funds will be used to provide care to many more elderly

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