Tax Status: 12A,  80G,  FCRA


No.48/49. Ammani Byrathi Khane Village, 
HBR layout,Hennur Bande , 
Bangalore, Karnataka, 
India -560043

Our Mission

Sandesh works with and for the members of our society with Intellectual and developmental disabilities. We have an early Intervention program and Prevocational/Vocational training center.

Work and Achievements

Sandesh means “Message”. The message this community wants to spread is of Love and equality for all human beings --- disregarding the Abilities                                                       

Sandesh is a community for members with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Sandesh is here now for 6 years, started with Shiva; we now have 50 members coming to Sandesh regularly.

Sandesh is not a solution it’s just the answer to many questions. It is possible to love and to live and work alongside members who are very different to me.

At Sandesh your HQ is measured rather than your IQ. The amount of love one has for the other and the time and energy one can give is important to us. Sandesh is an Inter-religious community, a way of life where religion is not the factor that divides us.

Sandesh got registered as a Charitable Trust on 30 May 2008. We are registered under the Disability Act 1995, we have 80G and 12A income tax exemption and we have the FCRA certificate.

Sandesh is a project supported only by friends and well-wishers. The financial part is also supported by friends and from the products of our vocational unit. Our Vocational unit is Therapeutic as well as Productive and supports Sandesh in its own small way to carry on.

What do we do in Sandesh: What Sandesh offers/facilities provided?

We believe that all have right to discover their potential and be creative. Work brings dignity and self-worth in a person; this is the same for all.

In Sandesh we provide:

Pre-Vocational Unit, Vocational Unit, Functional Academic Skills, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy

Together we create ripples of love and care for all. These ripples will not be big, but surely will touch your heart in some way….Come…be our friend…

Fund Utilisation Statement

All fund raised by this event will be used in the existing project proposal of Sandesh for procuring a Home. A place where Sandesh activities can be done regularly, reaching out to more families in need. Start new activities to explore individual potential.

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