Wildlife SOS

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Wildlife SOS

D – 210,
Defence Colony, 
New Delhi, 
India -110024

Our Mission

To protect Indian Wildlife, conserve habitat, and create alternative and sustainable livelihoods for communities dependent on wildlife.

Work and Achievements

Wildlife SOS is an international organisation working since 1995 to protect India’s wildlife, conserving habitat and biodiversity, conducting research and creating alternative and sustainable livelihoods for erstwhile communities or those dependent on wildlife for sustenance.

Through our work, we build knowledge and understanding about wildlife conservation and help develop skills and values in people to motivate them to care for our vast wildlife, some vulnerable species on the verge of extinction.

  • Rescued 600+ Sloth bears and ended the ‘Dancing Bears’ tradition in India in 2009.
  • We run a 24X7 helpline in Delhi, Agra, and Vadodara.
  • Wildlife SOS works with state forest departments in twelve states across the country.
  • Four centres for Sloth Bears (one is close to Bangalore called the Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Centre). Two centres for Elephants and one for the Leopards.
  • We have rescued more than 25 Asian Elephants.

Wildlife SOS also works with birds, civet cats, deer, snakes, monitor lizards and other wildlife. We hope to create awareness about wildlife and biodiversity in India and to build compassion for animals.

Our organisation has received recognition both in India and abroad.

2004 - The Elisabeth Lewyt Award for Disaster Management & Planning

2009 – KaramveerPuraskar by ICongo Civil Society

2010 – Indira Gandhi ParyavaranPuraskar

2017 – Certification of recognition by The Senate, State of California for environmental activism and wildlife conservation

2018 – San Diego Zoo Global Conservation Medal for `Conservation in Action’

2019 – MaharanaUdai Singh Award by the Maharana of Mewar Foundation in Udaipur

Fund Utilisation Statement

The funds raised by Wildlife SOS will be utilized for the lifetime care and treatment of the Sloth bears under our care and in anti-poaching efforts to end trafficking of bear cubs.

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